Police Department


Contact Information


Chikaming Township Police Department 

13535 Red Arrow Highway 

Harbert, MI 49115 

Telephone Number: (269) 469-3245 

Patrol Officer Telephone Extension: 23 (Leave Message for On-Duty Police Officer) 

Fax: (269) 469-3568 

Berrien County Central Communications Center 

Emergency Number: 911 

Telephone Number: 866-630-7679

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General Information


The Chikaming Township Police Department is a progressive municipal law enforcement agency whose men and women are committed to the public's safety. The Chikaming Township Police Department consists of five full time police officers and six part-time police officers. Our police officers are committed to providing professional law enforcement services and leadership and are committed to protecting life, preserving the peace, and protecting property. The department patrols approximately 32 square miles of township, with a year-round population of approximately 3,600 people, and a seasonal population which may exceed 20,000. The department also patrols several "road-end" Lake Michigan public beaches. The department handles approximately 2,100 calls for police services a year. Our department is proud to service our citizens and guests and continues to strive for excellence.

News Section

CTPD News Letter Summer 2017

Medical Waste Bin


Medical waste bin information will be provided here with hours from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Mission Statement


The mission of the Chikaming Township Police Department is to enhance the quality of life by working in partnership with our community, within the frameworks of both the United States and the State of Michigan Constitutions in the enforcement of laws, while preserving the peace, and providing a safe community for the citizens and visitors of Chikaming Township.

Vision Statement


To make the Township of Chikaming a safe place for our citizens and visitors by providing exemplary police services through innovation and partnership with our community.

Values Statement



We are committed to keeping the public's trust by holding ourselves accountable to the highest standard of ethical behavior.



We commit with pride to being a member of this department and serving the community with distinction.



We commit to the people of Chikaming Township and each other in carrying out our responsibilities with courtesy, compassion, and respect.



We commit to excellence with a focus on innovation, service, and leadership within the community.



We are devoted to our work, committed to serving our community, and dedicated to the service of others.

Police Reports


The Chikaming Township Police Department provides police reports for the actual cost of production pursuant to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act. Freedom of Information Act Forms are available from a link on our Home Page or from the drop down under the 'Administrative' link. All FOIA requests should be clearly marked FOIA request.


Patrol Car Videos can be requested, however, please be advised that Chikaming Township complies with federal and state laws regarding audible LEIN information. The cost for redacting all LEIN information off of police video by private contractors' may exceed $100.00.


All UD-10 reports are available for purchase at: Click on the link for Traffic Crash Purchasing System.

Requests for a Preliminary Breathalyzer Test (PBT)


People requesting our staff to administer a PBT per their probation order will be charged a $5 service fee for each time they request the PBT.

 Office Hours:


Monday - Friday

8:30 am - 4:30 pm



Todd A. Taylor Sr., AAS, BSL

Chief of Police

Caleb M. Slavens, AAS

Patrol Sergeant

Melissa Flick

Administrative Assistant

David J. Duis

Police Officer

Joseph Lomoro, AAS

Police Officer

Robert (Jason) Cleveland, AAS

Police Officer

Robert M. Hahn, BS

Police Officer

Kevin C. Higgs, BS

Police Officer

Matthew Driscoll

Police Officer

Joseph Mastalanski, AAS

Police Officer

Max Agens, BS

Police Officer

Cody Riley, BS

Police Officer

Micah Carlson

Reserve Police Officer

Marty Sexton

Reserve Police Officer

John MacGregor

Reserve Police Officer

Cody Phillips

Reserve Police Officer

Alan Berget

Reserve Police Officer